AX2720MV - Out of Stock - Accelerometer Pedometer with MVPA, Steps-Activity Time

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ACCUSPLIT AX2720MV TRACKER with MVPA (Moderate/Vigorous) Step Activity Time

The AX2720MV offers a Step Counter up to 1,000,000, Automatic Activity Timer, Automatic Moderate/Vigorous Step Activity Timer up to 100 Hour to 1 second with Adjustable MV Step Rate.

Functions include:

  • Battery Life: 5 Year Battery power. (CR2032) An unheard of Benefit in Pedometers with Accelerometer Sensors
  • Certified Accurate: Certified Accurate PedometerEngine™ TW20
  • Power: Ultra low power ACCELEROMETER Pedometer
  • Step Counter: Up to 1,000,000. Accurate Step Count at every angle of Tilt!
  • MVPA (TIME): Automatic Moderate/Vigorous Step Activity Time Up to 100 Hours to 1 second. The Timer runs automatically whenever STEPs are being recorded at or above the Steps/Min Rate selected.
  • MV Adjustable Step Rate (Steps per Minute): 100, 110, 120, 130. 110 is the default power on setting.
  • Automatic Activity Timer: For Step Activity, up to 100 hours to 1 second
  • Display Accuracy Filter: 4 second step delay. ACCUSPLIT has added a “4-second step delay filter” to reduce the counting of “false steps”. When beginning walking, the display will not show any “tallying of new steps,” until after 4 seconds of walking. Then, all the STEPS will be added to the display and new STEPS.
  • Hibernate Powersaver Mode: From factory to user
  • Sleep Mode: After 5 minutes of no activity

Features include:

  • Display: Magnum XL
  • Warranty: 5 Year DUAL, No Proof and Proof of Purchase Limited Warranty