AE190XLGM-xBX Enhanced DigiWalkerXL Pedometer Series

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Since 1983, ACCUSPLIT has worked with the Kato family of Japan to
develop pedometer technology such as the JW200 (DigiWalkerXL)
PedometerEngine™ step sensor.
• ACCUSPLIT’s AE100XL/GM Series gives you the JW200 step
sensor you know and trust, but with many new features and
• The features include Extra Large display digits, a steel clip, and
a super-tough polycarbonate case with integrated leash slots
• We’ve also added exciting functions, such as Memory, Goal
Tracking, and an Automatic Activity Timer.
• Some models include Distance, Calorie and Step Filter (0-5) functions
• Comes with our 5-Year DUAL No-Proof and Proof of Purchase Limited Warranty.