Here is a glossary of commonly used terms related to ACCUSPLIT Stopwatches and other Timing Devices.

ACCUSPLIT SUB-BRAND CATEGORIES. Every product falls into one sub-brand category. A or AX products are exclusive ACCUSPLIT products – designed and built by our contract factories, to our specifications. EAGLE products are designed using a combination of ACCUSPLIT exclusive technologies combined with some off-the-shelf components. ALLIANCE items are products labeled and packed for ACCUSPLIT.

ANALOG. This is the method of showing the time on the watch or clock in hours, minutes and seconds with hands.

AOS. This exclusive ACCUSPLIT Operating System uses one button action for start, split and fail-safe reset functions. (See WOS).

AVERAGE SPLIT COMPUTE is the average of all splits taken in an event. It’s shown on a separate line once you have entered the memory function of the watch. The initials AVG are usually displayed above the line of average time.

BEEP SWITCH. In old, unreliable stopwatches the switches would not always function. Beep switches were introduced as a way to notify users that the switch had been activated. Now, switches have been better designed, thus the Professional Series X and MX do not use beep switches, making
them the preferred watches for coaches and professional timers.

CHIME. This sounds at the hour, if set.

CHRONOGRAPH. A watch with Start/Stop and Cum/Split function that provides an accurate time of day but also has stopwatch functions for registering elapsed time in fractions of a second.

CHRONOMETER. A registered Swiss trademark to indicate a certified mechanically accurate watch. It’s sometimes confused with Chronograph.

COUNTDOWN TIMER. This function allows you to countdown from a starting point you set with the alarm sound at 0.

CUMULATIVE (CUM). This measurement of time consists of all splits (see SPLIT TIME) from the beginning to the end of the event. This time increases with each split taken. Each split is shown as the current total of time in the event. CUM is the capture of elapsed time to current event.

DUAL SET TRAINING TIMER. This function allows you to have two separate points of timing—a 15 minute workout followed by a 5 minute rest period. It’s an ACCUSPLIT exclusive.

DUAL SPEED SPLIT. A stopwatch function that shows dual split time in 1/100 sec and lap and average speed in 1/1000 mph.

DUAL SPLIT. This is a stopwatch function that shows you the lap split (LAP) time and the total (CUM) time simultaneously.

EVENT TIMING. This measures only the total time from the start to the finish for a particular event.

EVENT TIME OUT. This feature allows you to stop the measurement within an event and restart the time without loss of the previous time.

FAIL-SAFE RESET. An ACCUSPLIT exclusive. This is a delayed reset to prevent accidental changes to 0. With the AOS you must hold the reset button for 2 seconds before the display will return to 0.

FASTEST SPEED/SLOWEST SPEED. This indicates the fastest speed and slowest speed, instantly, at the touch of a button.

LAP SPLIT ONLY. This display shows only the elapsed time of a given split.


LCD DISPLAY. Means Liquid Crystal Display. All ACCUSPLIT products have varying display sizes: L for Large, XL for Extra Large; MAG for Magnum and MAGXL for Magnum, Extra Large. Magnum is a Registered Trademark of Timex used with permission.

MEMORY. Chips are built into each ACCUSPLIT product that perform functions similar to your brain. The ROM (Read Only Memory) chips store permanent information input by ACCUSPLIT and can’t be erased. The RAM (Random Access Memory) section is a temporary memory. They store information that is captured when the watch or pedometer is operating. The number of memories available is determined by the model you select.

MILLION CYCLE NO-FAIL SWITCHES. An ACCUSPLIT exclusive. These buttons are ergonomically designed for maximum performance and ease of use. They snap instead of beep and have been tested for over a million cycles without failure.

ONE-BUTTON RAPID SPLIT/RESET. An exclusive ACCUSPLIT function that allows you to use just one button for all splits and reset. Hold the same button for 2 seconds and it will reset to 0.

ONE-BUTTON START/STOP RESET. An exclusive ACCUSPLIT function that allows you to use just one button, like above, to start or stop timing. Hold the button for 2 seconds and it will reset to 0.

ONE-TWO FAST FINISH. This function captures two finishes. The standard chronograph stopwatch does it by taking a split (1st place, release, it stops and you have the 2nd place finisher). With the ACCUSPLIT system you use just one button – start, split, split. The first split is 1st place, the second split is 2nd place and it shows 1, 2 fast finish.

PACER. This function is used to set or regulate the rate of timing. It sounds an electronic tone at the selected rate for maintaining the cadence or pace of the activity.

REPEAT COUNTDOWN TIMER. An example: Start the watch at 90 seconds. It will run down to 0 seconds, stop, then repeat going back to 90 seconds.

RESOLUTION. Display shows 1/100 seconds.

SPLIT COUNTER. The number of splits taken in an event. It counts up from 1 to 999 and is usually found in upper left corner of the stopwatch display.

SPLIT RELEASE ACTION. After you take a split, you just press the button to release the display into the current running time.

SPLIT TIME. This is the interval of time measured from the start of the timing to the next pause of time.

STROKE RATE. With this feature you can analyze the number of strokes per minute. This is a major function for use in swimming events.

TALLY COUNTER. Counts 0-9999 at press of button.

TIME OUT. Simply a break, pause or stopping of the timing process with a press of a button.

TIMING RANGE. The total available length of time in watch memory, measured in hours.

TURBO FUNCTIONS. An ACCUSPLIT exclusive. This translates time of an event into a given STRIDE RATE, STROKE RATE and DUAL SPEED SPLIT.

WOS. This is the Watch Company Operating System used by most watch manufacturers. It uses two buttons. The right is used for start and stop, the left for split and releases. (See AOS).