AX850 - 15" Swim Pace Clock with 12-inch Index Face

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A High Quality Timer at an Economical Price.
*The ACCUSPLIT AX850 is the return of the swimming lane timer to our product line

*ACCUSPLIT's revised design is now a Larger Index Face Lane Timer in a smaller compact design

*Now with a 12-inch Index Face, this clock-style timer is easier to see than our old 9.5” Index Face on our 15” dial.

*Very simple to operate.

*Perfect for Swim training but can also be used for any continuous/lap timing need

*Rugged ABS Plastic housing in Bright Blue

*Counts up with 1 second resolution to 60 minutes then repeats.

*Set Minute hand with simple control knob.

*Push button Start/Stop (On/Off) is relocated to the back of the clock to avoid pool splash

*Built in Concave handle on back.

*Features Detachable Feet to help keep the unit upright in windy conditions, better than previous design.

*Powered by 1 “AA” battery

*Replacement accessory kits sold separately

*Includes our Limited 5 Year PROOF of Purchase warranty. (After 90 days, service available for a small fee until at least 5 years after purchase date)