AX520S Jumbo Display Tabletop & Wall Mount Stopwatch & Countdown Timer

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The AX520S is a tabletop timer with a very large display. It offers a Multi-Mode Stopwatch, a Countdown Timer, plus Time of Day & Alarm.

With 100% Taller Digits*

• NEW Anti Tilt Design Base.
• Excellent for use in the Lab, Office or Classroom.
• It has a Timing Range of 24 hours to the second.
• Selectable Clock and Alarm Modes
• Timer Alarm sounds at the end of the User Settable
  Countdown Interval.
• Stopwatch with Four Time Base Modes

  STW 1/100S = MM:SS.00
  STW DS = SSSS.00
  STW DM = MMMM.00

• With Time Out Function.
• NEW Compact Design fits easily on a Table or on a Wall.
• Large, easy to read Digits.
• 5-Year Dual, No Proof & Proof of Purchase Limited Warranty.
* 2 Most significant digits are 100% taller than in the previous AE520S model.