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ATTENTION: The AX602M500DEC is out of stock but we are hoping it will be available by the end of June. For more information, please contact us at 800-935-1996 and follow the prompt to speak with Customer Service.


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500 memory DECIMAL timing stopwatch with multi-mode countdown timer, stroke/stride rate calc, data bank & more.

The AX602M500DEC is a multi-mode, 500 memory advanced timing stopwatch with the best WOS functions and features to provide you with the highest quality timers and stopwatches available



  • Our brand new "X4" stopwatch case gives you larger display digits, improved water resistance, plus our ergonomic, million-cycle no-fail buttons.
  • 1/100th second, 500 memory, dual split stopwatch.
  • Multiple time base timing, including 1/100 sec, Decimal Minute, and Decimal hour.
  • Three line LCD display shows current split time, lap time, and running cumulative time.
  • "Auto Split Release" feature causes the split time to show for five seconds, then the watch returns to running split time.
  • Stroke rate calculator mode.
  • Audible pacer mode.
  • Repeat Countdown Timer.
  • The "Data Bank" gives a time stamp when each split is taken, so you can reconstruct your timing sequence later.
  • Time-of-Day/Date/Alarm mode.
  • Package includes Pro 500+ Memory Stopwatch, Lanyard, Battery and Instructions