AX2790MV - 3-YEAR CONTINUOUS TRACKER with 1000 Daily Memories

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The NEW AX2790MV 3 Year Continuous Tracker with 1000 Daily Memories of Step Activity, MVPA Time, MVPA Bouts, Activity Timer, Daily Trip(s) within Current Day, Distance, Calories and Clock.

Our New low power ACCELEROMETER TRACKER with PedometerEngine™ TW20
•Certified Accurate for Research
• Accurate Step Count at every angle of Tilt!
• Up to 4-year battery power-an unheard of feature in pedometer trackers with accelerometer sensors.
• 2 New Functions help keep power consumption low
– Hibernate Mode: From factory to user
– Sleep Mode: After 5 minutes of no activity
• 4 second Display Accuracy Filter prevents recording false steps
• Magnum display digits for easy viewing
• ACCUSPLIT’s 5-Year Dual, No Proof and Proof of Purchase Limited Warranty
Functions include:
• Step Counter: 1000 Days
• MVPA (TIME): 1000 Days of Automatic Moderate/Vigorous Step Activity Time. The Timer runs automatically whenever STEPs are being recorded at or above the Steps/Min Rate selected, 100, 110 (default power on setting), 120, or 130.
• MVPA (BOUTS): 1000 Days
• Trips within Current Day: Can do Multiple within Current day
• Auto Activity Timer: 1000 Days
• Total Memory: 1000 Days
• Display Accuracy Filter: 4 second step delay. ACCUSPLIT has added a “4-second step delay filter” to reduce the counting of “false steps”. When beginning walking, the display will not show any “tallying of new steps,” until after 4 seconds of walking. Then, all the STEPS will be added to the display and new STEPS.
• Distance: 1000 Days
• Calories: 1000 Days
• Clock
• Hibernate Mode: From factory to user (turned on by recipient)
• Sleep Mode: After 5 minutes of no activity. Will go to "sleep" when left idle for 5 min. or more. Awakens when moved (no steps lost).
Features include:
• Battery Life: 4 Year (CR2032)
• Display: Magnum XL
• Warranty: 5 Year DUAL, No Proof and Proof of Purchase Limited Warranty

• Black case, PC back with standard camera leash/metal clip attached, and folded instructions in labeled unit box (xBX).